GTA: Online LFH (Looking for Heist) was inspired by the very succesful DestinyLFG website. With the release of GTA: Online Heists (finally), a lot of people find themselves without a Heists team to play with. With the idea in mind, I decided to create this website to allow users to easily find a Heists match to join, or share their own with others.

The in-game invitation system on GTA: Online works alright but is not ideal for putting together a dedicated Heists team. Hopefully GTA: Online LFH can aid players in finding the best team, and even bringing new friends together.

This website was created by @cakespls, you can follow me on twitter if you'd like. I will continue to update this site frequently to make it the best GTA: O LFH site I can. If you have suggestions, feel free to let me know. You can email me at [email protected].