Terms of Use

The GTA: Online LFH team wants everyone using the site to feel safe, at ease and trust that other users will not attempt to abuse and/or exploit them in any way, shape and/or form. By using this website (https://gtalfh.com) you are agreeing to abide by our Terms of Use.

Our Terms of Use dictate that any user of this site will not:
  • Abuse/harass other users in any way, shape and/or form on-site or off-site.
  • Promote and/or sell services such as (but not limited to): boosting, cheating, pre-modified accounts, in-game modifications, etc.
  • Impersonate other user's Steam ID, PSN ID and/or Gamertag.
    • If you see someone impersonating you, please report the listing, and of course, provide proof of ownership.
    • You can reserve your Gamertag/PSN/Steam ID by registering an account and filling out the Quick Info form. This will prevent other people from using your name falsely. If you believe someone has reserved your name in error, please send me proof of ownership at: [email protected].
  • Spam the site in any way, shape and/or form. ALL listings can be monitored, and you will be caught.
  • Post fake, misleading, and/or offensive material in a listing.
If you're found to be breaking the Terms of Use at any point during your usage of this site, you will be permanently blacklisted from the site.

If you wish to appeal your exile, want to report some form of abuse, or have any questions/comments regarding this site's Terms of Use, please send an email to: [email protected]. Alternatively, you can report a user's listing by clicking the Report link on the right hand side of their listing.

Any and all information on this page is subject to change without prior notification from the administrative team.