Privacy Policy

This website, (the "Site"), does not use your information for nefarious purposes in any way, shape and/or form. We store your information in our database to allow other users to view and be able to contact you. To be more specific, the only personal information we store about you is: Your Xbox LIVE Gamertag/PSN ID, gaming platform, GTA: Online rank, GTA: Online mission, your timezone, and your comments. This website also records your IP address for security reasons. Your IP will never be shared with any third party and can only be viewed by administrators.

By using the Site, you are agreeing to let Google Analytics collect information about you. This information cannot be used to identify you, so there's no need to worry. This information is only used to provide us with accurate analytic data about our website and the users on it. To learn how Google is using your information, please click here. Our website is not able to directly access the information being collected by Google Analytics or any information tied to that data. It is 100% anonymous.

If you would like to voice your concerns about this project, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]. If you need help using the site, feel free to tweet @GTALFH and we'll be glad to help you out.