Privacy Policy

Last Updated: April 12th, 2018

Our Privacy Policy is outlined here for those users of (the "Site") who are concerned about the uses of the personally identifiable information ("PII") that the Site collects about them, as well as the information collected via Google Analytics. We hope that our privacy policy provides a better understanding of how we collect, use, and protect the PII related to your use of the Site.

What PII does the Site collect?

PII is collected from users as they interact with the Site. PII is collected by the Site when a user:

  • registers an account on the Site (your e-mail address and username);
  • submits a listing on the Site (information entered on the "Recruit a Crew" form);
  • submits a Report against another users' posted listing;

How does the Site use PII?

PII collected by the Site is used in order to provide our basic functions. Some specific examples of how we use your PII are:

  • personalize your experience on the Site, as well as enabling additional features;
  • assisting developers by providing insight towards the features they should focus on;
  • allowing you to interact and communicate with other users of the Site;
PII is never shared with a third party. However, some instances of the PII collected by the site will be shared with other users of the Site for the purpose of which the information was collected (for example: posting your listing).

How do we protect your PII?

PII that is collected by the Site is protected using industry standard technology, as well as security. These technologies aide the Site to protect your information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Your PII is maintained within a secure sector of our Site, and is only accessible site administrators, who are compliant with its confidential nature. It is worth noting that regardless of how many security measures are taken, all modern technologies are not 100% secure and can be susceptible to tampering from different vectors. The Site utilizes SSL to encrypt all data exchanged with the site, however, it is reccommended that you, the user, follow safe practices while on the internet; such as using a secure internet access point, privately owned device or trusted method of accessing the Site.

Does Google Analytics affect my privacy?

The Site utilizes Google Analytics in order to aggregate important statistical information regarding the visitors on the Site. By using the Site, you are automatically agreeing to allow Google Analytics collect information about you. However, the information collected by Google Analytics is NOT able to identify you. To learn how Google uses the information it collects about you, please click click here.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are temporarily files stored on your device via your browser upon each visit. These cookies allow the Site, as well as potential third parties to provide key features, preserve your settings, recognize your preferred settings, and more.
There are generally three types of cookies stored that originate from the Site: (i) session cookies; (ii) persistent cookies; (iii) third party cookies.

  • Session cookies are temporary, and automatically expire upon logging out (if you're logged in) or after a timeout. These cookies store information about your current login status, and allow us to verify the authenticity of your requests.
  • Persistent cookies are permanent, and do not expire unless manually deleted. These cookies allow us to identify you between visits, remember your temporary (guest) settings, and generally how you use the Site.
  • Third party cookies may be stored on your device when accessing the Site. These cookies may originate from Google Analytics or Twitter, and are only used to compile analytical data relating to how users interact with your ad integrations.

All users may opt-out of having these cookies stored on their device. This must be done through the browser settings on the device you are using to access the site. Users may also modify their browser settings to notify them upon the creation of each cookie from a site. Please be aware that disabling (or modifying) cookies on the Site may result in unwanted behaviour occurring (bugs).

Notification of policy changes

The information displayed on this page is subject to change, and will be changed from time to time. Whether it be for more precise information, inclusions of new clauses, or simply to fix a typo. We reserve the right to make these changes without having to notify users of the Site beforehand. However, the date of the most recent change to this page will always be listed at the top of this page. To ensure you accurately aware of our practices, please review this page from time to time.